Stud Achievements
Minnie-vale Quist purchased by Winchester Charolais Orange NSW at our 2004 sale as an unjoined hiefer. Winchester then exhibited her at Sydney royal 2006 with calf at foot and achieved supreme Charolais exhibit and interbreed champion female Sydney royal 2006. Quist also achieved supreme exhibit Bendigo inaugural show Victoria 2006.

Minnie-vale deputy Charolais national show and sale supreme exhibit and sold to Rosedale Charolais Blayney NSW for $35,000, still a sale record price that stands today.

Minnie-vale Thunderbolt Sydney Royal Interbreed Champion bull (Hordern Trophy Winner). Top priced bull sold at $15,000 at that years national show and sale, to Waterford and Delconnen Charolais studs.

Son of thunderbolt Waterford Bonaparte achieved supreme Charolais exhibit Bendigo show 2008.
Supreme Interbreed Champion bull Brisbane Ekka, (Minnie-Vale Sundance). Also Charolais national show & sale champion the same year, sold for a then record price of $22,000 to Moongool Charolais stud QLD. Since then his sons have averaged $10,000 with over $1.2 million sold in walking progeny through their sale. A Sundance daughter this year achieved grand champion female and was also part of the winning interbreed champion of champions team at the royal Brisbane Ekka 2008 owned and exhibited by Mongool Charolais.

Minnie-vale Thunderbolt junior champion Sydney royal.

Junior champion bull Brisbane Ekka Minnie-vale Lancelot sold for $10,000 @ Melbourne Royal the same year.

Minnie-vale exhibits cattle at Sydney Royal each year as well as cattle on the northern show circuit usually Tamworth, Bingara, Baraba and Inverell shows. A total of 5 shows done annually. Unfortunately Brisbane Ekka at this stage is not currently attended as our 'on farm bull and female sale' falls close to the Ekka show dates.

It is important to note less emphasis is put on showing cattle these days, our aim is to concentrate on putting together good lines of Charolais bulls and females with good temperament, structure, fatcover, and high intra muscular fat especially in sale bulls.
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