Stud History
The stud was established through artificial insemination programs using French and British bloodlines, after very slow and deliberate selection and grading up process. Some of the bulls used originally included "Absalon," "Aga Khan," "Bent Frederick," "Apollon," "Carabinier," "Charmant," "Kersknowe Festival," "Mearns Enterprise," and "Salamon," predominantly French.

The graded up breeding herd from these bloodlines was then infused by a Mandalong bull, "Mandalong Layman," the first polled bull ever sold by Rick Pisaturo at his St. Mary's Sale. In 1980, twelve three quarter grade cows by "Carabanier" were purchased, boosting the volume capacity of our then female herd.
An embryo transfer program with the ATB at Mittagong, NSW was initiated. The two foundation pure bred matrons included "Mandalong Confidence 18th" and "Kenmere Orsova," a Blythe Herald cow purchased from the Hillside Stud, Mittagong (Harry and Bea Wadds). These two females were inseminated very successfully to "Crown" and "Power," resulting in 50% female calves, adding to the herd base.

Over a period of time, both out cross females (very few) and bulls have been purchased from selected studs, including Mandalong, Ballengara, Ayr, Airlie, Summer, Palgrove, Hillside, Gunnadoo, Cobrabald, Glendyr, Manaree and more recently Gunnedoo, Gobongo, Kyana, Vee Jay and Greenwood, Fernvale, ANC to compliment the Minnie-Vale herd producing the cattle you see before you today.

Minnie-Vale is situated at "Bexley," Back Creek Road Narrabri - 34 km North of Bingara, NSW. The property is approximately 2,700 acres of undulating country. The country is well looked after, encouraging natural pasture and improved pasture with an annual fertiliser program and normally a 31 inch rainfall. Bexley runs the main body of stud cows and breeders, as well as sale bulls. The 2nd property "Karamah," is approximately 6 km from the township of Bingara. The property is 2,000 acres, black and red basalt, gently undulating country with excellent water and facilities with Myall Creek running through the centre of the property. Minnie-Vale replacement stud heifers, stud cows and calves are also grown out on this property.

Minnie-Vale cattle have been very successful in all aspects of the beef industry, show cattle, Interbreed wins at many shows, including the Horden Trophy, Sydney Show and Brisbane Champion of Champions, steer competitions and hide. Probably the hardest to crack are prices in the sale ring at multi vendor sales. Top prices and record-breaking prices have been achieved.

The bulls we have sold off farm, also very successful in their respective cross breeding programs, continuing to improve the hip pocket, which is after all, the bottom line, and the reason we breed Charolais cattle and where 95% of our product goes to today's commercial cattleman.

Our cattle over the years, through very strict breeding and culling, have evolved into consistent, well-muscled, soft, easy doing cattle, herd improvers, fertility, milking ability and quality are their trademark.
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